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Synergistic Learning Solutions, LLC

Synergistic Learning Solutions provides outstanding, highly practical on-site strategic consultation and research-based training to public and charter schools, private schools, and educational organizations to improve instruction, assist in successful school reform, ensure student success,and increase student school completion. Leadership development and teacher preparation, to include new teacher mentor and mentee training, are a central focus..

"We want to assist you as you move your schools toward becoming student centered, success driven learning institutions. Change is inevitable, success in not."

-Fernando Mesa, Founder and President of Synergistic Learning Solutions

Meet The Founder

Fernando Mesa’s deep commitment to the education and success of today’s students has been highly evident in his work as an elementary teacher and administrator, secondary administrator, Dean of Academic Instruction, and university faculty member. He holds Masters Degrees in both counseling and administration and is currently completing a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership.

Coupled with his educational and professional skills, Fernando brings a rich background of creating success for highly at-risk students and their teachers and has been the recipient of multiple awards recognizing his efforts.

Our Services

Synergistic Learning Solutions is an educational consulting partnership that provides research-based educational training and leadership support to public and charter schools, private schools, and educational organizations. We provide personalized on-site strategic support to increase learning outcomes for all students and strengthen leadership for sustained improvement.

Consulting Services:

  • School Improvement
  • Leadership Development
  • Teacher Training
  • New Teacher Mentor & Mentee Training
  • Faculty and Staff Training and Evaluation
  • At-Risk Student Support and Services
  • Dropout Prevention Training and Support
  • Learner-Centered Strategies and Skill Development

Our Framework

Guided by research on Effective Schools and Organizations, Synergistic Learning Solutions provides a framework focused on two dimensions for Leadership Development and Reform: Collaboration and Empowerment. These principles are at the heart of quality organizations and account for the success in attaining the interpersonal and professional skills needed to foster successful schools and organizations.

Recognizing the challenges facing schools today, Synergistic Learning Solutions endeavors to assist schools and school leaders meet the ever-rising accountability standards and assist in identifying current and potential areas that might impede progress. Within our framework we aim to assist schools increase their overall capacity to address the needs of students by developing quality systems to improve overall and sustained effectiveness.

This framework, when implemented with fidelity by school leaders and staff can facilitate a cultural shift, improving pedagogy, problem solving and ultimately student success.


Current research for positive school reform and development identifies collaboration as a central element for success. Our framework provides the foundation for such improvement by focusing on developing leaders within the organization.

Three key elements for effective collaboration include:

  • Sharing a Common Vision
  • Building Relationships
  • Establishing Trust


Effective school leaders recognize that Empowerment and Collaboration go hand-in-hand. This knowledge encompasses the development of a clear vision that is shared by all and that goes beyond the written statement to one that is measureable. For this to happen, leaders must be willing and able to communicate knowledge and information in a proficient and precise manner. Our framework provides the foundation for developing such systems.

The three key elements of empowerment begin with:

  • Developing a Common Vision
  • Assessing Current and Potential Challenges
  • Establishing Open and Effective Two-Way Communication

Professional Development

Leadership Development

  • Empowerment
  • Consensus Building

Culture and Climate

  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Student Engagement and Achievement


  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Utilization


At-Risk and Dropout Prevention: Leadership Coaching for Increased Student Achievement – June 9, 2012 in collaboration with Cindy P. Jones and Destiny Consulting, LLC

At-Risk and Dropout: Closing the Opportunity Gap – March 16, 2012 Keynote address at Uintah Basin At-Risk and Dropout Conference held on site at Utah State University – Uintah Basin

RtI and PBIS: Leadership Training Part II – March 7, 2012 in collaboration with Cindy P. Jones

RtI and PBIS: Leadership Training Part I – January 11, 2012 in collaboration with Cindy P. Jones

Connecting School to College and Career: Fundamental Requirements On your journey to achieving your Goals (F.R.O.G.) – December 6, 2011 At-Risk Student Presentation

Teacher Evaluation: Let’s Figure it Out – November 10, 2011

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